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COSMOSTAR AM0705 1/8HP Radial Three-Piston Air Motor

COSMOSTAR AM0705 1/8HP Radial Three-Piston Air Motor

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The COSMOSTAR AM0705 1/8 HP Radial Three-Piston Air Motor offers unparalleled power and versatility. This robust, oil-lubricated unit is designed for continuous operation in diverse applications, including painting, printing, and food industries.

The AM0705 boasts a high starting torque, reaching a maximum capacity of 11.5 in-lb / 1.3 N.m and a rotation speed of 3000 RPM. Its radial-piston design delivers horsepower and torque at low speeds, making it ideal for driving conveyors, rotating drums, and powering pumps.

Beyond its power, the AM0705 offers mounting flexibility. It can be installed in almost any position while ensuring a smooth operation with slight vibration. This, coupled with its tailored design for today's painting and coating tasks, makes the AM0705 a versatile, reliable solution for various industrial challenges.


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