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COSMOSTAR D0903 3/4" Double Diaphragm Transfer Pump

COSMOSTAR D0903 3/4" Double Diaphragm Transfer Pump

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Efficient and Powerful Fluid Handling Pump - D0903 Double Diaphragm Pump

Key Features:

  • High Flow Rate: Delivers an impressive flow of up to 120 liters per minute, ensuring quick and efficient fluid transfer.
  • Portable Design: Despite its high performance, the D0903 is compact and portable, making it ideal for various settings.
  • Clean Fluid Handling: Designed for a hands-off operation, it keeps your workspace clean and reduces manual labor.
  • Quiet Operation: Operates quietly at a maximum of 85dB. Includes an easy-to-use remote muffler option for even quieter performance.
  • Versatile Applications: Perfect for drum transfer of fluids up to 5000 cps, circulation of low-viscosity inks, waste fluid removal, adhesive supply, and more.


Ideal for a wide range of uses, including water treatment, plating, and dip tanks, and handling cleaning fluids and detergents.
Suitable for transferring waterborne and solvent borne paints, acid catalyzed varnishes, enamels, and lacquers.

Technical Specifications:

Max Fluid Working Pressure: 8.0 bar (116 PSI)
Max Flow Delivery: 120 LPM (32 GPM)
Pumpable Fluid Viscosity: Up to 5000 CPS
Air Consumption: 1200 LPM
Suction Lift: Up to 8.3 m
Pumpable Solids Size: Up to 2 mm
Air Pressure Range: 1.5 – 8.3 bar
Connection Sizes: Air Inlet - 1/2 pt, Fluid Outlet - 3/4 pt, Fluid Inlet - 3/4 pt

Why Choose the D0903 Double Diaphragm Pump?

The D0903 Double Diaphragm Pump is the ideal solution for businesses needing efficient, quiet, and versatile fluid transfer. With its high flow rate, portable design, and capability to handle a wide range of fluids, this pump is perfect for industries ranging from painting and decorating to water treatment and chemical processing. Get the job done efficiently and cleanly with the D0903 Double Diaphragm Pump.

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