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COSMOSTAR M0701 5 Gallon Pneumatic Agitator Clamp Mount Pail Mixer

COSMOSTAR M0701 5 Gallon Pneumatic Agitator Clamp Mount Pail Mixer

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Presenting the COSMOSTAR M0701 5 Gallon Pneumatic Agitator Clamp Mount Pail Mixer, a specialized tool engineered for optimum performance in 5-gallon pail mixing tasks. Outfitted with an AM0701 vane-type air motor, this mixer delivers a balance of high power, efficiency, and long-lasting durability.

The motor showcases a commendable torque capacity of up to 26.6 in-lb / 3.0 N.m and can reach a maximum rotation speed of 3000 RPM. This makes the mixer highly adaptable across various industries and applications. The design of the motor promotes easy maintenance, has a lifespan-enhancing accessory range, and maintains a cool operation even during prolonged usage.

Installation is a breeze with this clamp-mount mixer. It attaches effortlessly to the side of a 5-gallon pail, simplifying your mixing processes. Moreover, its compact and portable structure allows convenient use in diverse settings such as manufacturing plants, laboratories, and beyond.

The mixer comes with a 5-gallon stainless steel shaft and a 3.9" SUS gear propeller, ensuring efficient handling of mid-viscosity materials. Experience the efficiency, convenience, and high-quality results the M0701 5 Gallon Pneumatic Agitator Clamp Mount Pail Mixer offers.

Product Features

Highly Adaptable: The M0701 5 Gallon Clamp Mount Pail Mixer is uniquely designed to suit a variety of industries dealing with mid-viscosity materials, ensuring a versatile application.

Convenient Installation: Thanks to its user-friendly clamp mounting system, the M0701 mixer allows for effortless installation and removal on 5-gallon pails, simplifying your mixing tasks.

Specification: The M0701 Mixer is built with an AM0701 Vane-Type Air Motor and includes a clamp mount with a 20L stainless steel shaft and a 10cm SUS gear propeller, combining to deliver efficient and reliable performance.
Non-Electrical and Cool Operation: Experience safe and efficient mixing with the M0701's air-operated design. It ensures cool running even during extended periods of use, enhancing operational safety.

Compact and Portable: Lightweight and easy to transport, the M0701 Mixer offers efficient mixing capabilities across various settings, from manufacturing plants to laboratories, making it an ideal choice for your diverse mixing needs.

Product Specification



Air Motor



Clamp Mount


5 Gallon

Shaft and Propeller

Stainless Steel Shaft, G10 Gear Type Propeller - 1 pcs

Operation air pressure

20 – 100 psi ; 1.4 – 7.0 bar,

Max. power output

0.9 HP

Max. torque output

26.6 in-lb ; 3 N.m

Max. rotation speed

1500 RPM

Max. Air Consumption

750 L/min (6 bar, 3000 RPM)


4.5 kg

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