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COSMOSTAR M0705 5 Gallon Pneumatic Square Pail Agitator

COSMOSTAR M0705 5 Gallon Pneumatic Square Pail Agitator

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AM0705 Three-piston air motor, square pail cover with 20L stainless steel shaft and 10cm SUS gear propeller
AM0705 Air motor provide high torque capacity Max 1.3 N/m; Max rotation speed 2500 RPM, suitable for panting industry, printing industry, chemical industry, food industry, baking industry, stirring ink, various liquid mixing. Durable and reliable in harshest environment ( usable in atmospheres up to 120 C)
Air motor design are long lasting and easy to maintain and have long- life accessories
Air operated agitator; cool running; non electrical;easy to control speed; high stability ; compact and portable
Offers a wide variety of mounting : round/square- cap mounting, screw-driven, adjustable drum cap, portable, manually elevatable , etc..

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