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COSMOSTAR M0705 5 Gallon U Shape Pail Pneumatic Agitator

COSMOSTAR M0705 5 Gallon U Shape Pail Pneumatic Agitator

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Our M0705 5-gallon U-Shaped pneumatic agitator offers the ideal solution for those in need of efficient mixing in their paint or material systems.
Powered by the Cosmostar AM0705 three-piston air motor, it boasts a robust torque capacity of up to 11.5 in-lbs., 1.3 N.m and a maximum rotational speed of 2500 RPM. This versatility ensures its suitability for various sectors – from painting and printing to chemical processing and general industrial tasks.

Its U-shaped mount is specifically designed to fit snugly atop a 5-gallon pail. This design and the side screw-on fixture can be easily secured and removed, streamlining your mixing processes.
Constructed with a robust 304 stainless steel shaft and G10 gear blades, the M0705 5-gallon U-Shaped agitator is built to last. It's not only durable but also user-friendly, boasting long-lasting accessories and a design that's both compact and portable. The pneumatic components ensure easy speed control, cleanup, and stable operation.

Whether mixing diverse liquids or stirring ink, this air-operated agitator promises superior paint quality. It ensures thorough mixing and optimal particle dispersion in your mix tank or the entire paint system. Given its reliability and durability, it's also fit for use in the most challenging environments."

Compactness: Fits snugly atop 5-gallon pails, making it the go-to tool for swift mixing tasks.

Performance: With a torque of up to 11.5 in-lbs., 1.3 N.m and a maximum speed of 3000 RPM, it's built for rigorous industrial applications.

Durability: Crafted with a stainless steel shaft, it's engineered to thrive even in demanding conditions.

Speed Control: Adjust and achieve your perfect mix with flexible speed settings.

Multi-Industry Fit: Ideal for sectors like painting, printing, and chemicals. Also adept at ink stirring and liquid blending.


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