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COSMOSTAR M0707 1/2 HP 55 Gallon Bung Mount Close Drum Pneumatic Agitator

COSMOSTAR M0707 1/2 HP 55 Gallon Bung Mount Close Drum Pneumatic Agitator

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COSMOSTAR 55 Gallon Pneumatic Agitator 1/2 HP Bung Mount for Closed Drum Mixing

Unlock the full potential of your mixing process with the COSMOSTAR 55 Gallon Pneumatic Agitator, a premier solution engineered for seamless integration into 55-gallon closed drum operations. With its robust 1/2 HP bung mount design, this agitator is tailored for efficient mixing of mid to high-viscosity materials, offering unparalleled ease of use and performance reliability in various industrial applications.

Key Features & Benefits:

Streamlined Installation: The COSMOSTAR's bung mount design ensures a hassle-free setup. Directly attach it to your closed drum's 2" bung hole, connect to an air supply, and you're equipped to begin mixing with precision. This streamlined process eliminates the complexities commonly associated with drum mixing setups.

Versatile Applications: Designed to meet the diverse needs of industries such as painting, printing, chemicals, food processing, and baking, the COSMOSTAR agitator is adept at handling a wide array of materials. Whether you're mixing paints, inks, coatings, or food ingredients, this agitator ensures a consistent mix every time.

Durability That Lasts: Constructed with longevity in mind, the COSMOSTAR features a durable air motor that stands up to the rigors of continuous use in harsh environments. Complemented by high-quality accessories, this agitator is built to provide reliable service while requiring minimal maintenance.

Safe & Efficient Operation: Operating without electricity, the pneumatic agitator offers an added layer of safety, particularly in environments where sparks or high heat could pose risks. Its cool operation and straightforward speed control also contribute to a stable, efficient mixing process.

Adaptive Mixing Technology: The agitator comes equipped with a 6" stainless steel (SUS) propeller, ingeniously designed to fit through the drum's 2" bung hole. Upon operation, the propeller fully expands, ensuring thorough mixing throughout the entire drum for maximum efficiency and uniformity.

Technical Specifications:

Motor: COSMOSTAR's AM0707 1/2 HP air motor, renowned for its high torque output of up to 62 in-lbs / 7.0 N.m and a maximum rotation speed of 1700 RPM, delivers optimal performance tailored for your mixing needs.

Compatibility: Specifically designed for 55-gallon closed drum mixing, with a focus on safety, efficiency, and ease of use in a variety of industrial applications.

 Elevate your mixing operations with the COSMOSTAR 55 Gallon Pneumatic Agitator. Its exceptional blend of performance, durability, and safety makes it an indispensable tool for businesses seeking to optimize their mixing processes with precision and reliability.


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