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COSMOSTAR M0707 with Gear Box 3:1 Pneumatic Agitator for IBC Mount for IBC Tank

COSMOSTAR M0707 with Gear Box 3:1 Pneumatic Agitator for IBC Mount for IBC Tank

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Elevate your paint mixing and dispersion system with the COSMOSTAR M0707 Pneumatic Agitator IBC Mount. Perfectly designed to cater to various industries, this powerful agitator enhances your operations with its top-notch features:

Powerful Piston Air Motor: Equipped with an AM0707 air motor, our agitator provides an impressive torque capacity of up to 62 in-lbs / 7.0 n.m and a maximum rotation speed of 1700 RPM. With superior power, durability, and long operational life, this piston air motor is designed to handle demanding industrial applications.

Gearbox: Tackle high-viscosity materials easily, thanks to our integrated 3:1 ratio gearbox. This feature amplifies the agitator's mixing power, making it an ideal solution across various sectors such as painting, printing, chemical, and general industrial application. 

Expandable Propellers and Stainless Steel Shaft: Our agitator includes two EX17 expandable propellers and a stainless steel shaft for enhanced mobility and easy insertion into the IBC. The propellers expand during rotation for optimal agitation.

Unique Robust IBC Mounting: Experience stability during mixing processes with our unique Cosmostar robust bracket mounting strategically designed to sit on the IBC tank.

Fast Screw Holder Fixture: With our quick screw holder fixture, the agitator is securely attached to the IBC tank, ensuring a tight fit even during high-intensity mixing operations.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing setup or start a new project, the COSMOSTAR M0707 Pneumatic Agitator IBC Mount for IBC Tank promises to deliver efficiency and quality in every operation. Order yours today and experience the difference.

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