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COSMOSTAR P0201 2" 2:1 Pneumatic Piston Transfer Pump (Stainless Steel, 55 Gallon Type)

COSMOSTAR P0201 2" 2:1 Pneumatic Piston Transfer Pump (Stainless Steel, 55 Gallon Type)

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The COSMOSTAR P0201 2" 1:1 Transfer Pumps are powerful and efficient solutions that provide high flow rates for fluid transfer applications. These pumps, equipped with 2-inch HI FLUX air motors, can generate a flow rate of up to 15.0 liters per minute. Designed for durability and endurance, the P0201 series can function effectively in challenging environments.

Their compact design makes them easy to plug in and use directly on drums or containers, making them an ideal choice for handling low-viscosity materials requiring fast transfers.

Key Features:

  1. High Flow Rate: Provides flow rates of up to 15.0 liters per minute.
  2. Quick Priming: Drum-length versions are designed with an inlet immersed in the material for faster priming of heavier fluids.
  3. Air-Operated: Ensures high reliability and cost-effectiveness.


  1. Transfer from Drum to Daily Tank: Ideal for constant or dead-end transfers.
  2. Low Viscosity Sprays Adhesive Supply: Well-suited for supplying adhesives for low-viscosity sprays.
  3. Supply Pump for Air Spray: Can serve as a reliable supply pump for air sprays.

Typical Fluids Handled:

The P0201 pumps can handle a variety of fluids, including windshield washer solvent, anti-freeze, automatic transmission fluid, motor and hydraulic oil, general chemicals, thinners and solvents, and light viscosity coatings.

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